Lighthouse Limousine SEO Case Study

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2 Years


Top Traffic Channels

Harnessing Diverse Avenues

The triumphant journey of Lighthouse Party Bus & Limo’s top traffic channels reflects our expertise in maximizing online visibility and engagement. With organic search leading the way at an impressive 71.3%, our strategic optimization ensured their content resonated strongly with search engines and potential clients alike.

Strategic Channel Allocation

Our strategic prowess is evident in diverse channel allocation. 22.7% of direct traffic emphasizes seamless user experiences, while 1.1% of referral traffic highlights collaborative efforts. Leveraging social media for 2.9% showcases platform prowess. Rounding it off, 2.0% from other sources signifies a well-rounded digital presence, propelling growth.

Keyword Growth Report Trend

Illuminating Lighthouse Party Bus & Limo’s Success Story

The trajectory of Lighthouse Party Bus & Limo’s keyword growth trend showcases our expertise in elevating their online prominence. Starting from a solid base of 526 in July ’22, the upward trend reflects consistent progress, reaching a remarkable 1,376 in June ’23. This exponential rise in keyword performance underlines our commitment to optimizing their digital presence.

Navigating Lighthouse Party Bus & Limo’s Keyword Landscape

Our keyword strategy propelled Lighthouse Party Bus & Limo’s success. The growth from 526 to 1,376 keywords showcases our meticulous trend analysis. Tailoring content with strategic keywords made their offerings discoverable. This journey signifies our commitment to boosting visibility and driving growth.

Estimated Traffic Growth Report

Navigating a Traffic Growth Odyssey

The journey of Lighthouse Party Bus & Limo’s estimated traffic growth is a testament to our strategic prowess. Starting at 349 in July ’22 and culminating in an impressive 3,025 in June ’23, this trajectory reveals a continuous commitment to amplifying their digital footprint.

Strategic Traffic Augmentation

Our strategic traffic boost drove Lighthouse Party Bus & Limo’s remarkable journey. From 349 to 3,025, we optimized strategies, widening their audience. This growth stands as a testament to our commitment to their online presence and enduring success.

The Results

We believe in the “show, not tell” approach. That’s why our data and fact-driven case studies speak for us.

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Client's Feedback

Client’s positive (sometimes negative) feedbacks are what drives us to step out of our comfort zone and explore new possibilities.

Jason Vawter - Client Profile Picture By Freelancers Hub Digital Marketing Agency
“Excellent SEO Service Provider With Whom I Work For More Than A Year And I Am Extremely Satisfied With The Hard Work And Good Results We Have Since This Time. Now Keep It Up And Let’s Continue To Rumbleeeee!”

Jason Vawter

Owner, Lighthouse Limousine

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