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Top Traffic Channels

Serving Success on a Platter

Pizza Bien’s triumphant journey in the digital realm is illuminated by its top traffic channels. With a dominant 63.1% share through organic search, our strategic expertise ensured that their delectable offerings were prominently featured in search engine results, enticing potential customers.

Crafting Pizza Bien’s Digital Triumph

Our strategic traffic optimization was crucial to Pizza Bien’s success story. With 15.9% direct traffic, we fostered seamless experiences. Additionally, 2.9% of referral traffic reflects partnership efforts, and 1.4% from social media shows platform utilization. With 2.3% from other sources, we solidified Pizza Bien’s online prominence and growth.

Keyword Growth Report Trend

Keyword Mastery: Pizza Bien’s Remarkable Growth

The keyword growth trend of Pizza Bien paints a remarkable picture of their online ascent. Beginning at 221 in July ’21 and steadily surging to an impressive 23,124 in June ’23, this journey is a testament to our commitment to enhancing their digital presence.

Illuminating Pizza Bien’s Growth Trajectory

Our strategic keyword mastery played a pivotal role in Pizza Bien’s phenomenal growth. The consistent progression from 221 to 23,124 signifies our meticulous trends and user behaviour analysis. 


By fine-tuning strategies, optimizing content, and targeting strategic keywords, we ensured their offerings were prominently displayed to users actively seeking culinary delights. This journey from modest beginnings to spectacular heights is a testament to our dedication to elevating Pizza Bien’s online visibility and driving enduring growth.

Estimated Traffic Growth Report

Pizza Bien’s Spectacular Traffic Growth

Pizza Bien’s journey in the digital world is a captivating story of exponential traffic growth. Commencing at a modest 126 in July ’21 and soaring to a remarkable 76,785 in June ’23, this trajectory underscores our dedication to enhancing their online presence.

Strategic Surge: The Recipe for Pizza Bien’s Triumph

Our strategic traffic surge was instrumental in Pizza Bien’s remarkable success. The consistent surge from 126 to 76,785 reflects our data-driven insights into trends and user preferences. 

Through meticulous analysis, content optimization, and strategic targeting, we ensured their offerings were prominently showcased to users actively seeking culinary delights. This journey, from humble beginnings to extraordinary heights, is a testament to our commitment to elevating Pizza Bien’s online visibility and driving lasting growth.

The Results

We believe in the “show, not tell” approach. That’s why our data and fact-driven case studies speak for us.

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Client's Feedback

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“Impressed by Freelancers-Hub’s impact on Pizza Bien. Their digital marketing strategies ignited growth in our online orders. A reliable partner!”

John Seba

Founder of Pizza Bien

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