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Top Traffic Channels

Dominating Digital Landscape

Elegant Garden’s digital triumph is evident in its dominant traffic channels. With an impressive 81.3% from organic search, their site magnetizes users seeking their offerings. Our precise keyword optimization and content strategy propelled them to the forefront of search results.

Strategic Pathways to Excellence

Partnering with Elegant Garden elevated their website’s prominence. We harnessed organic search, driving 81.3% of traffic. Elegant Garden became an authority through SEO and optimized content, boosting engagement, conversions, and industry leadership.

Keyword Growth Report Trend

Cultivating Remarkable Keyword Growth

Elegant Garden’s keyword journey has been truly impressive. Starting at 41 in January and reaching 557 by December, our strategic efforts and dedication amplified online visibility and engagement.

Elevating Elegant Garden’s Digital Presence

We aligned Elegant Garden’s content with user intent through meticulous keyword analysis and optimization. This strategy led to a steady increase in keyword rankings, from 41 to 557. Our comprehensive optimization boosted Elegant Garden’s online visibility, driving meaningful traffic and engagement.

Estimated Traffic Growth Report

Elevating Elegant Garden’s Traffic Growth

Elegant Garden’s 2022 traffic journey showcases continuous improvement, beginning at zero in January and soaring to 219 by December. This surge underscores our commitment to tangible results, fostering a robust online presence and audience engagement.

Strategic Milestones and Data-Driven Success

Our partnership with Elegant Garden hinged on data-driven insights. Identifying trends, we aligned strategies with audience preferences, leading to a substantial 219% traffic growth by December. Each month’s progress showcased our dedication to elevating their online reach and fostering a thriving digital ecosystem.

The Results

We believe in the “show, not tell” approach. That’s why our data and fact-driven case studies speak for us.

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Client's Feedback

Client’s positive (sometimes negative) feedbacks are what drives us to step out of our comfort zone and explore new possibilities.

Barry Horrocks - Owner, Elegant Garden (UK)
“Freelancers-Hub transformed our online presence seamlessly. Their expertise drove real results. Highly recommend!” – Barry Horrocks, Owner of Elegant Garden”

Barry Horrocks

Owner, Elegant Garden (UK)

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