Indian Paradise

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WordPress, WPBakery, MySQL

2.5 Months

About The Team

Zobaer Hossain

Anisuzzaman Titas

Sonnet Gomez

About Indian Paradise


Company Name: Indian Paradise

Client Name: Liton

Location: Stockholm, Sweden


Indian Paradise is an Indian restaurant in Stockholm, Sweden that offers an authentic and immersive Indian subcontinental dining experience. The menu boasts a diverse range of dishes, each carefully crafted to resonate with the flavors of India, Bangladesh, and the surrounding regions. 

Our objective was to provide a digital gateway for food enthusiasts to explore and connect with the vibrant flavors and ambiance of Indian Paradise.

As the backbone of the website, WordPress provided a flexible and scalable platform for content management and customization. It allowed us to create a website that could effortlessly adapt to Indian Paradise’s evolving needs. We employed wpBakery to design visually engaging and responsive pages. Its intuitive drag-and-drop interface facilitated the creation of a visually stunning and user-friendly website, which resonated with the restaurant’s ambiance and cuisine. To manage data and maintain the integrity of the website’s content and customer interactions, we implemented MySQL, ensuring optimal performance and security.

The end result is a digital platform that seamlessly brings the restaurant’s ambiance and flavors to life. It reflects the rich cultural and culinary heritage of the Indian subcontinent and serves as a gateway for customers to explore the menu and the immersive dining experience offered by Indian Paradise.



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Client's Feedback

Our clients’ feedback reflects the outstanding results and seamless online experience we delivered for his PRP clinic.

Liton - Client Profile Picture By Freelancers Hub Digital Marketing Agency
“Kudos to the Dedicated Team Behind This Project. They Skillfully Encapsulated the Very Soul of Indian Paradise, Elevating Our Online Presence With The True Essence of Our Cuisine and the Inviting Ambiance. Great Work, Team”


Owner, Indian Paradise

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