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Top Traffic Channels

PostDICOM’s Top Traffic Channel Triumph

PostDICOM’s success journey is illuminated by the dominance of its top traffic channels. With a commanding 69.1% through organic search, our strategic prowess ensured their content resonated effectively with search engines and users alike.

Strategic Channel Optimization: Steadfast Progress

Our strategy optimized PostDICOM’s digital presence. The 15.9% direct traffic enhances user experiences. With 2.9% referral traffic, we extend reach through partnerships. Leveraging social media for 9.5% underscores platform prowess. Wrapping up with 2.6% from other sources solidifies their online prominence.

Keyword Growth Report Trend

PostDICOM’s Keyword Growth Overview

PostDICOM’s keyword growth trend showcases our expertise in enhancing their online prominence. Starting from 1,667 in July ’22 and culminating in an impressive 3,273 in June ’23, this journey highlights our commitment to propelling their digital footprint.

Pioneering PostDICOM’s Visibility Surge

Our strategic keyword optimization propelled PostDICOM’s remarkable success. From 1,667 to 3,273, we analyzed trends and fine-tuned strategies, ensuring discoverability. This journey showcases our dedication to enhancing visibility and driving growth.

Estimated Traffic Growth Report

PostDICOM’s Estimated Traffic Growth Soars

The trajectory of PostDICOM’s estimated traffic growth signifies an impressive journey of advancement. Starting from 3,479 in December ’22 and consistently surging, they reached 3,879 in June ’23. This trajectory reflects our commitment to driving substantial success for our valued partner.

Unveiling PostDICOM’s Growth Narrative

Our strategic traffic enhancement drove remarkable growth for PostDICOM. Ranging from 3,479 to 3,879, it highlights our data-driven insights and optimized strategies, enhancing online visibility and elevating their prominence.

The Results

We believe in the “show, not tell” approach. That’s why our data and fact-driven case studies speak for us.

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Client's Feedback

Client’s positive (sometimes negative) feedbacks are what drives us to step out of our comfort zone and explore new possibilities.

Özcan Öksüz
“Freelancers-Hub worked wonders for PostDICOM’s digital presence. Their strategies elevated our brand, expanded our reach, and boosted engagement. Highly recommended!”

Özcan Öksüz

Managing Director, PostDicom

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