Soothing Crystal

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Shopify, Cloudflare

1.5 Months

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Tanjil Ahmed

Shuvro Sarkar


About Soothing Crystal


Company Name: Soothing Crystals
Client Names: Komal and Anshul Jaipuria

Location: Claymont, Delaware, USA


Soothing Crystals is an e-commerce store that offers ethically sourced crystals and stones. Their range includes premium-quality crystals, semi-precious stones, spiritually infused jewelry, and healing kits, all meticulously selected for their unique properties. 

In order to translate Soothing Crystals’ vision into a user-friendly and visually appealing online platform, we employed the power of Shopify, a robust and versatile e-commerce platform. Shopify provided the foundation for a secure and intuitive shopping experience, allowing for easy product management and a smooth checkout process. To enhance the website’s performance, security, and scalability, we utilized Cloudflare. Cloudflare’s services ensure that the website loads quickly stays protected from cyber threats, and adapts seamlessly to growing customer demands.

Leveraging Shopify, we crafted an intuitive and engaging website, optimizing it for both desktop and mobile users. The implementation of Cloudflare was a critical step to ensure optimal website performance, lightning-fast page load times, and an added layer of security.



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Client's Feedback

Our clients’ feedback reflects the outstanding results and seamless online experience we delivered for his PRP clinic.

“Freelancers Hub Transformed Our Vision into a Stunning Reality. Their Web Development Expertise Made Our Dream of Sharing Positive Energy with the World Come True. Grateful for Their Dedication!”

Komal and Anshul Jaipuria

Co-Founders, Soothing Crystals

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